The New Language of Luxury

Where once the language of luxury was a restriction, a defined way of speaking and a strict etiquette, now the language of luxury is more clearly defined by our desire to connect and the values we share. This is not only better, more empathetic marketing but it also has great creative potential. The New Language of Luxury has a broad palette to choose from with boundaries that are ready and willing to be pushed.

Far from being one-dimensional or acting as an excuse to play it safe, there is colour, creativity and space to be bold. Whilst certain terms once became luxury’s dogma – world-class, elite, ultra-luxurious to name a few – the New Language of Luxury is about crafting words in a way that paints a bright picture of all these attributes without needing to explicitly say them. It is about exercising moments of simplicity, creating intimacy, depth and detail and looking at the world with humility.

It’s also acknowledging that how you do this is completely open to interpretation – there is no one size fits all model when it comes to luxury writing, but instead nuance and space that can be filled by character and creativity. It could be writing entirely in rhymed verse or in 5-word sentences.