McKinsey & Company: The CEO agenda in 2022: Harnessing the Potential of Growth Jolts

The COVID-19 pandemic maintains a grip on the world with severe human and economic consequences; and as variants bring new uncertainties, society’s efforts to save lives and safeguard livelihoods should continue unabated. But innate to any crisis is the potential to fundamentally reshape a person, an economy, and possibly an entire society.

In the case of the pandemic, businesses have tried to cushion their employees, customers, and operations from the worst blows of the economic shocks and responded to COVID-19’s massive productivity accelerants and the disruptions under way.

The resulting innovation and behavioral changes have initiated a three-phase ripple effect in the economy, each with the potential to deliver a jolt of growth and prosperity—if business leaders respond strategically.
This may be the moment to commit to growth

As society stands at the dawn of 2022, business leaders may want to consider a stance of clear-eyed optimism about growth—and reflect it in their business agendas. Despite the vicissitudes of the past two years, could there be a postpandemic boom on the horizon?

This will likely depend on business leaders’ ability to respond to the productivity and growth “jolts” born from the pandemic.