“We’re at an interesting point—CMOs can achieve more success now by showing growth versus cost cutting.” This quote comes from the former CMO of a leading global brand and reflects a broad desire in businesses to turn marketing into a bona fide engine for growth. An important way to make that happen is to free up dollars and funnel them into high-growth opportunities.


Digital solutions pose new and unique challenges to the implementation of major change efforts. But the capabilities that support better outcomes remain as critical as ever, a new survey shows.
Companies face different challenges today when implementing large-scale changes than they did in 2014, according to a new McKinsey Global Survey on the subject.1 In particular, digitization poses new obstacles to implementation, and digital transformations require executives to focus on different priorities and capabilities.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018 13:50

The B2B Elements of Value


It’s Saturday, and a chief operating officer who last week negotiated a multimillion-dollar deal for a fleet of vehicles for her company is feeling pretty good. To reward herself, she’s shopping for a convertible sports car to enjoy on weekends. Surely the price-value calculation she makes for a fun personal purchase is different from the one she made when negotiating at work, right?

Thursday, 01 March 2018 13:23

Global Private Equity Report 2018


Overall, 2017 delivered very good news for the private equity industry. It was a year of increasing investment, strong exit markets, attractive returns and hot fund-raising activity. All of this good news has attracted so much attention (and capital), however, that the industry’s structural challenges have sharpened. If it’s possible, fund-raising has been too good, with an unprecedented $3 trillion raised over the past five years. Investment dollars are indeed up, but deal count has dropped substantially since 2014. Multiples are at all-time highs, with around half of all companies acquired priced in excess of 11 times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. In such a frothy environment, how can funds generate the attractive returns their limited partners expect?

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 15:53

The Most Innovative Companies 2018


At leading innovators, R&D and new-product development have become digital endeavors. Eleven of the fifty companies named in BCG’s 2018 ranking of the most innovative companies—including seven of the top ten—are digital natives and thus digital innovators by definition.


Executives say that they lose 40% of their strategy’s potential value to breakdowns in execution. However, this strategy-to-performance gap is rarely the result of shortcomings in implementation; it is because the plans are flawed from the start.


DLG (Digital Luxury Group) and its partner, ContentSquare, have issued a report offering luxury brands key insights into optimising user experience on their websites.
An attractive website is no longer enough to win over customers. Say you were to visit a store belonging to one of the most elite jewellery Houses, could you imagine it with poorly presented products and absent employees?


Blockchain technology has a brighter future than most digital currencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. It’s also clear that a discussion of this subject can reach far beyond the confines of the original question, involving in a debate about central banking systems.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 12:28

Global Private Equity Report 2017


Despite a host of disruptive events that made for volatile markets early in 2016, the private equity (PE) industry posted solid results for the year.


Some bosses are all Id. A bundle of impulses in a suit — if they can keep the suit on — whose only predictable trait is their irrationality. We use all kinds of names for managers like that: Nutter. Ticking bomb. Predator. Moron.

We resent them. We denounce them. But we also follow, and even admire them. Or enough of us do that they manage to rise to, and stay in, power.

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